love clinical note taking, ...said no one, ever. Until now.

Medical notes means hours of repetitive drudgery every day, a lost opportunity to focus more time on your patients

We’re on a mission to fix that

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What it is

hypaIQ is an app that helps you capture data quickly, automate the notetaking process and connect with other healthcare professionals

Digital Scribe

Automated text composition frees you from the distraction of typing and after-hours dictation

Knowledge Platform

Read reviews by other medical professionals, share articles and download free content

Expert Network

Join a global community of medical thought leaders and contribute to smarter care

How it works

Write once. Use infinitely

Writing medical notes is vital, but it imposes a large overhead. It involves huge repetition and there are no shortcuts

Our solution is different: capture once, use many times.


Capture your medical thinking in the editor


hypaIQ learns from the notes and choices you make


“Narrative logic” instantly composes complex documents at the end of each consultation

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hypaIQ is opening up for medical users

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